What’s on

Every Sunday we gather to worship God together and hear him speak to us – praising God, praying together and discovering more about who God is and what’s he done as we open up and apply the Bible. We welcome around 500 people across our various services each Sunday, including people of all ages and many different nationalities.

If you’ve not visited us before we’d love to see you on a Sunday. Details of our sermon series for the current terms are below.

There are two Sunday morning services at 9.15am and 11.15am except during school holidays when there is just one at 10.30am.  We also meet on a Sunday evening at 6.30pm
There’s also loads to connect into during the week. Whether you’d describe yourself as a committed follower of Jesus already or someone who just wants to find out more about Christianity, there is something for you. If you’re already committed to following Jesus check out Ministries and if you’re keen to know more about what Jesus is all about then try our Exploring Christianity page.
On Sunday Morning‘s this term…

buttonYou and I know life is complex. It’s lived in detailed moments of hundreds of individual decisions. And we need God’s help to determine what is good and best in those moments. But the Bible doesn’t always give us hard and fast rules to go by. It gives principles we need to apply into the nitty gritty of life. And to do that we need wisdom – God’s wisdom as we find it in a book like Proverbs. Wisdom is the skill of living well in God’s world. It’s the fear the Lord worked out in the details of work and leisure, friends and finances,  even down to whether a cheerful greeting in a morning is always a wise idea (27:14)! This Summer term, we’re going to try and heed the advice of to the wise teacher of Proverbs as he calls us to ‘Get Wisdom!’


We also have a programme of Wednesday Evening meetings