At Beeston Free, one of our key values is ‘Loving People’ and as part of this value we are committed to developing and training new leaders. We want to entrust God’s word to others who can teach others. We are focused not only on the leaders of today but those of tomorrow, equipping people to serve locally, nationally and internationally.

One way we develop and train new leaders is to run a full time ministry training scheme to train the next generation of gospel workers for our world, through the teaching of Bible handling skills and service.

Recruitment for the 2020-21 year is now open.

Information pack 2020-21

Application form


We also run a scheme specifically for internationals which aims to enable participants to apply the principles behind what they are learning into the cultural context of their home nation.  A significant proportion of a participant’s time will be working alongside international students, so experience of living and ministering in another nation are highly desirable and as most student are of south Asian origin fluency in a south Asian language is required. 

Recruitment for the 2020-21 year is now open.

INTERNATIONAL application pack 2020-21

INTERNATIONAL MTS 2020 application form