Date Service times Speaker Topic
19 November 9.15 & 11.15 George Hawkins In the Beginning
26 November 9.15 & 11.15 Adrian Reynolds
3 December 9.15 & 11.15 George Hawkins In the Beginning
10 December 9.15 & 11.15 George Hawkins In the Beginning
17 December 10.30am James Thomas Family Service
24 December 10.30am John Goodwin Christmas Eve Service
25 December 10.30am Dave Bish Christmas Day Service
31 December 10.30am George Hawkins

About the morning series:

The opening chapters of Genesis are the beginning of the storyline of the Bible. We are introduced to God our Creator, to the universe he makes and to the pinnacle of his creation – men and women. We get to see how good it all was at the start and to see where it all went wrong. These chapters lay the foundations for issues like work, rest and marriage. They have implications for us as we consider our responsibility to rule over and care for our world.

I hope in this series that we get to marvel at our Creator God, to see the paradox of humanity – that we are creatures of both dignity and depravity. Weaving through it all will be God’s determination to restore us and the creation to what we ought to be. We’ll see that even as it all goes wrong, God promises someone who will come and crush the serpent’s head and restore us to more than Adam and Eve lost.