Summer Holiday Club 2020

What is happening about Summer Holiday Club in 2020?

As we are unable to meet together this summer, Beeston Free are putting on a series of videos via their YouTube channel aimed at primary school aged children. These will be 30-40 minutes long and include many of the things that we normally do at holiday club: Bible stories, songs, challenges, puppets and a memory verse. There will also be suggested crafts and activities for children to complete at home. Our theme for the summer will be “to the ends of the earth” and we will be exploring the book of Acts to see how Paul and others shared the good news of Jesus with people from many different places.

What parental involvement is required?

Parents need to sign up via our website and they will receive a weekly email with a link to the week’s video alongside any other important information. Children should be able watch the videos fairly independently although parents are welcome to watch and discuss with their children too. Craft activities will be aimed at younger (5-8 year old) children and will require some support (we will aim to use simple materials that most homes will have). There will be activity sheets aimed at older (8-11 year old) children where the amount of support required will depend on the individual child.

Do I have to watch the videos at a certain time?

The link for each video will be sent out at 9:30am each Wednesday in the holiday. You will be able to watch the video any time after that until Tuesday 1st September. So you can watch one video per week, save them all until the last week of the holidays or do whatever suits your family. You can watch as many or as few videos as you like, although the videos will follow a series so children will get most out of them by watching them all in order.

What opportunities are there for children to get involved?

We will be hosting a “craft gallery” for children to send photos of any craft they have made, which we will then display during the next week’s video. We will also be encouraging children to send in videos of them saying the memory verse. Both of these opportunities are at parents discretion; we will be sending out full details of how this will work and our video consent policy when parents have signed up.

I have a question that hasn’t been answered yet. What should I do?

You can contact the holiday club team with your question and we will get back to you.

I’d like to sign up, what do I do?

You can sign up by clicking this link and completing the form