Sue Bowler

We are so thankful to Sue Bowler, for sharing how God worked in her heart and brought her to a place of contentment in him:B

At 62 I acknowledged that I probably wouldn’t become a grandmother as my son had been married for some years with no talk of children. I prayed and felt miserable until one day when reading the Bible I was impressed by Philippians 4 v 11 – 13 which helped me to know that God wanted me to be content in whatever state I was in and not to long for things I hadn’t got. I found this a revelation as yearning for grandchildren was disrupting my Christian life and I knew that if God had other work for me I wasn’t listening properly. I also remembered that His grace was sufficient for me every day.  Contentment isn’t just a question of resignation to a situation with sadness, but of embracing wholeheartedly whatever God had planned for my life. I felt as if a weight had been lifted from me and was so thankful to the Lord.

Within a year or so my son & daughter in law announced that they were expecting a baby and I was thoroughly surprised – praising God. In January 2012 God gave me the most beautiful granddaughter and His timing was impeccable as always! When she was a few months old I retired and have been able to participate in her upbringing as I was the only functioning grandparent. This is an enormous privilege and I know that this is the work that God wanted me to do.  But it is made all the sweeter for his loving kindness to me by letting me know that true contentment comes from trusting Him.