Meeting together FAQs

What should I do when I arrive?
When you arrive at the church building, there will be stewards waiting outside the building.  You will need to let them know that you have arrived and they will let you know where you will be sitting.  Please stay with the other members of your household and go straight to your seats and sit down.

You will need to sanitise your hands as you come in; sanitising stations will be available. 

Do I need to wear a face covering?
Everyone over the age of 11 attending or taking part in the service will need to put on a face covering before entering the building and wear it until after they have left the building, unless they are medically exempt. Those speaking at the front will remove their face covering whilst at the lectern, but additional distance will be maintained, and they will wear their face covering at all other times.  Those singing as part of the music group will also remove their face coverings whilst singing, but wear them at all other times.

Can I bring my children to church?
Parents are very welcome to bring their children to services (booking them seats when you book), but children will need to remain with their parents at all times and must remain seated throughout. Services will be slightly shorter than usual (around an hour) but for those with smaller children you may find it helpful to bring some quiet activities.

At present we are not able to run any children’s groups.

What else will be in place to keep us all safe?
Doors will be fixed open so no-one need touch door handles.    Windows will be open to maximise ventilation so if you feel the cold please come prepared!  Toilets will be available, and will be carefully cleaned between services, but we ask people to plan ahead so as to be able to use them as sparingly as possible! Please bring your own Bible as we won’t be able to use the church bibles.

Can I talk to other people who are at the same service as me?
We won’t be able to mingle before or after the service. Please sit down as soon as you come in; you are welcome to chat to others you come with.  At the end of the service we will disperse people gradually from the building.

Anything else I need to know?
The service will be streamed so you should be aware that the back of your head may appear on the stream; if you are concerned about this please let us know in the notes section when you book and we will endeavour to seat you out of the line of the camera.