Books we’re reading… December 2016

Here are some books that George, Steve, John and Dave  have been reading…

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George recommends:

 ‘Habits of Grace’ by David Mathis

In the Spring term on Sunday evenings, we’re going to be looking at the means of grace – learning how we can hear God’s voice, that we have God’s ear and live as part of his body. This book by Mathis has been a great help in my prep and uses this basis model of the importance of word, prayer and fellowship. It’s got nice, short pithy chapters and a good mix of principles and practical suggestions.





‘The One True Story’ by Tim Chester

This is the second book Chester has produced as a resource for advent, following One True Light last year. In this book he goes through the developing storyline of the Bible, with short daily readings and comment for each day. Great to do as part of your personal devotions or as a family as you get to be excited again by God’s great rescue plan centered in Jesus.



Dave recommends:


‘Small Town Jesus’ by Donnie Griggs

This short book helps us explore how we can share both our lives and the good news of Jesus with our town. The first part of the book unpacks God’s interest in seemingly insignificant places. In part two you’ll find practical examples and pop quizzes to help you think through how to love your neighbourhood, workplace and town.






‘Extravagant Grace’ by Barbara Duguid

With page after page of brutally honest confession of failure and sin Barbara Duguid points us to the amazing grace of God that is good news to her, and good new for us.





Steve recommends:

‘The Joy of Service’ by Julian Hardyman

This book is written for those starting out in or thinking about paid ministry, but don’t let that put you off!  All of us face the challenges of ministering to one another and face the danger, of the modern (western) lie that God wants my life to be warm and comfortable.  Hardyman, explores the relationship between serving, ministry and joy and calls us to have deeper ambitions than comfort and personal happiness.





‘Making Sense of God’ by Timothy Keller

Katie and I often wonder how we might speak to our friends about Jesus, who don’t see any need to even think about even the idea of God.  Those who are apathetic, indifferent to Christianity because they just assume it is “just for those who need that kind of thing”. Here is a book to equip you in speaking to those friends or if they are ‘readers’ a great book to give to them.




John recommends:


‘Christ Our Life’ by Michael Reeves

Someone bought it as a Christmas gift for me last year. It’s a wonderful little book packed with refreshing truth about Jesus Christ. I have found it great to read slowly and think through gradually. It has really been life giving as it reminds about who Christ is, what he has accomplished, and how he is our life.



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