Books we’re reading… Summer 2017

Here are some books that George, Steve and Dave  have been reading…

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Steve recommends:

‘Destiny; Learning to live by preparing to die’ by David Gibson

Gibson works through Ecclesiastes, unpacking how the wise teacher wants our future death to shape our daily living. I have found the book has brought me delight in the ordinary and mundane (despite its depressing title) and been a tonic to our comfort chasing culture, which does everything to avoid talking/ thinking about our inevitable passing. Good for daily bible reading material or for a prayer triplet to read and talk through together.




‘The Space Trilogy’ by C S Lewis

This would be a great Summer read!




Dave recommends:

‘The Righteous Mind’ by Jonathan Haidt

Why do the left and right talk past each other in politics? Why do people of different faiths not understand one another? This 2012 book is a delightful read that explores those questions. Haidt is a psyscholoist and he knows how to communicate, setting up stories and clear images to convey his point about the underlying foundations of our beliefs. This isn’t a ‘Christian’ book but is a really helpful tool for thinking about how to understand where others are coming from better and so to build friendship and talk deeply.



‘The Story of God’s Love For You’ by Sally Lloyd Jones

This is a redesigned version of probably the best Christian book ever written, The Jesus Storybook Bible. We’ve read JSBB with our kids for years and this makes the same material more widely accessible. Sadly, out go Jago’s brilliant illutrations, but in comes a pocket size hardback, beautifully typeset that feels easier to read for teens and grownups. Lloyd-Jones memorably retells 30 episodes from the Bible’s story-line and shows how each one whisper’s Jesus’ name. This short, non-technical book will help you find your way around the Bible, awakening your imagination and giving you the categories to see how it’s really all about Jesus.



George recommends:

‘FIEC Primer’

Published twice a year by the FIEC , ‘Primer’ takes one pressing topic and over the course of 80 pages or so offers a kind of theological digest; summarising contemporary debate, drawing on at least one classic historical text, and always keeping the realities of ministry in view. As a publication, Primer shares a lot of DNA with a theological journal, yet the layout encourages interaction and note taking. In contrast to skim-reading articles on the internet (or adding them to your ever-growing read later pile), the FIEC hopes that you will slow down to engage with Primer; grab a pen and a drink, pull up a chair, read, make notes, ponder, pray.




‘The Singing God’ by Sam Storms

God loves us. With all our faults and failures, with all the secret sins no one else knows about. In fact, He rejoices over us so much that He breaks out in inexpressible joy and song as He thinks about us. In “The Singing God” Sam Storms explores God’s immeasurable love for His children. You don’t need to be different; you don’t need to be better. You just need to know that God loves you just the way you are now…today. When you truly believe this, you will find the strength and incentive to fight sin, experience freedom from shame, and walk in the fullness of all that God desires for you.





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