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Okay, so there were no takers for the last Book of the Month! You missed a great treat; perhaps you were too busy getting ready for Christmas. Of course, the book is still in the Library and you can still borrow it in the usual way. In case you have forgotten it was:

 ‘Songs of the Nativity – selected sermons on Luke 1 & 2’ by John Calvin

 54b146e8a03448d593536455577434d414f4141Let’s try again. This month’s book is also a series of addresses, too but perhaps it will help you to know they were given about 450 years later than the Calvin ones (though my challenge concerning the Calvin ones still stands)! It should also help that there are less than 80 pages to read.

  Just read the Foreword. It will tell you all you need to know about the book:

All who attended the conference at which these addresses were delivered were immediately conscious that they were present at a unique occasion … Not only was the speaker a gifted preacher and an able expositor of the Word of God; prior to his call to the Christian ministry he had been a shepherd for 12 years. And he had taken Psalm 23 as his theme! Expectations were aroused. And they were not to be disappointed.

 Morning by morning the congregation listened spellbound as, drawing on his own experience with the sheep that he had loved, the preacher illustrated the profound statements of this wonderful psalm … Before the end of that week we had been helped to see the Great Shepherd Himself in a light that was entirely new.

 The psalm had taken on a new meaning and significance. For weeks and months afterwards, those who were present would be heard repeating the anecdotes and illustrations they had heard, commenting on words they had known since childhood as though they had never heard them before.

 It is a great joy therefore to see these addresses … appearing in print. Christian doctrine must be translated into Christian experience, else it is arid and barren. That is the challenge, but also the comforting possibility, that the author holds before us in these addresses … All who read cannot but be helped and inspired.

 Check it out NOW! Before someone else does.

Ralph Ireland, Church Librarian


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